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RAN – Nothing Lasts Forever


Cm7 Dm7
Baby, I know that sometimes you don`t get it
Cm7 Dm7
Why we`re always torn apart
Cm7 Dm7
Now we don`t want us to get separated
Fm7 D#m
Because you`re always in my heart

Cm7 Dm7
And if you love me baby, let`s go crazy
Cm7 Dm7
Let`s turn this world around
Cm7 Dm7
Oh, baby I`m your man and you`re my lady
Loving you is what I do
Because of you I feel free now

A# Fm7
Nothing last forever, but baby I..
I`m gonna keep coming back..
to keep this love on the track, yeah
Dm7 G7 Cm7
Nothing last forever, but baby I..
I`ll try
So hard
To keep you coming back for more



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