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Singto Numchoke – Shy (cover MusicClay2011)

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here just me and you with sand and sky and pretty sea oh
and the little stars are shining bright
it’s like paradise is wishing for me
let me tell you what i feel and this chance i have to say

*that all my heart,there’s only you
please believe me the sky is watching us now
and you what do you think please tell me the truth iwanna here from you

**and if you love me too
but you are shy to be my boo
just sing ai i ya iya ai iya iya that is
and baby please let me take care of your heart.
I’ve never said love to anyone just you baby
and i am ai iyaiya ai iya iya like you
just that we know what we mean

i’ve never told you what is really in my mind.
Becuase i am too shy to express it
if i let this night go and keep the love with me,
we won’t know our hearts then i have to say

rap ai yai ya let be my star. don’t leave ,e the scar. don’t be too far.
these what I wanna say to you some pretty day my boo,
one three two look at the eyes and say it.




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